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Design expertise

An unparalleled team of designers create an array of fashion jewellery that is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Young and vibrant, timeless and elegant, exclusive and avant-garde define the diverse selection of Swarovski jewellery.

Swarovski crystal jewellery also celebrates the special gift-giving occasions of the year, from Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day to the holiday season, providing the perfect gift for a loved one, who will treasure their sparkling keepsake for years to come.


Creative evolution

Swarovski fashion jewellery vividly illustrates the brand’s ongoing quest for creativity, innovation, beauty and perfection.

For more than a century, Swarovski crystals have set new standards in contemporary design. In each new collection, Swarovski crystal jewellery reaches new heights of inspiration and individuality. The unique jewellery creations are enhanced each season with a range of radiant colors, materials, and patented techniques that the brand has developed to consistently expand and transcend its established quality and distinctiveness.

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Fine bangle

5217726 £99

Angelic Bracelet

5240513 £109

Crystaldust bangle double white

5237754 £74

Crystaldust cuff golden crystal

5250067 £59

Fresh necklace

5225438 £79

Fantastic necklace

5216630 £159

Fine Necklace

5230661 £79

Funk Earrings

5241273 £119

Fine hoop pierced earrings

5231657 £39

Funk pierced earrings

5241278 £49

Fine bangle

5230658 £99

Crystaldust bangle double blue

5237752 £74

Crystaldust bangle double black

5250023 £74

Freedom set

5253006 £109

Fresh necklace

5225444 £79

Fizzy pendant

5230280 £59

Funk Necklace

5241276 £74

Fantastic pierced earrings

5230603 £59

Fine pierced earring jackets

5230663 £69

Harley pierced earrings

5188423 £39

Fantastic ring set

5230610 £79

Fantastic bangle

5230608 £99

Crystaldust cuff blue

5250068 £59

Crystaldust bangle double golden crystal

5237763 £74

Funk set

5253052 £79

Fantastic necklace

5230612 £79

Forward necklace

5230553 £99

Funk Necklace

5249351 £74

Fantastic pierced earring jackets

5216636 £69

Fizzy pierced earrings

5230284 £49

Forward pierced earring jackets

5230544 £69

Fresh ring

5217723 £99

Fiction bangle

5240513 £109

Crystaldust bangle double grey

5237762 £74

Crystaldust bangle double dark crystals

5237757 £74

Fantastic set

5259472 £199

Fantastic necklace

5230611 £69

Fine Necklace

5217719 £79

Funk Necklace

5241271 £49

Fantastic pierced earrings

5230607 £59

Fiction pierced earrings

5230673 £69

Frisson ring

5251690 £39

1989 - The Swarovski swan

As Swarovski develops into a global enterprise, the company creates a single distinctive image for all lines of the crystal business.  The swan - a creature which is at home on nearly every continent - becomes the new brand symbol and now all genuine Swarovski products feature the Swarovski swan logo.

Swarovski Jewellery

2001 - Moulin Rouge

Swarovski takes centre stage in Baz Luhrmann's musical spectacular, when its crystals adorn the dazzling costumes of Nicole Kidman's Satine.  A fitting collaboration as Satine is also known as the "Sparkling Diamond".