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Switzerland’s centuries of carefully handed-down watchmaking skills and know-how are harnessed by RAYMOND WEIL and reflected in its choices and developments of materials, components and craftsmen in all the stages of production and assembly, to meet the prerequisites of the "Swiss made" label.  The Company is situated in Geneva, home of Switzerland’s most prestigious watchmakers, together with the industry’s topmost expertise in component and materials supply.


The RAYMOND WEIL Brand brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical nature of the materials are many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines to create its models.  This know-how confers RAYMOND WEIL its watchmaking legitimacy.

Precision and attention to detail set the tone throughout the creation process.  Inspiration is what is found at the basis of each work of art; precision is the indispensable condition required for achieving excellence.

Swiss made quality

Beauty and aesthetic proportions are no coincidence.  Thanks to its experience, know-how and to the mechanical precision of its watchmakers, RAYMOND WEIL is capable of transforming a design concept into a high quality watch to please its demanding clients.  From conception through to the final stage of assembly, RAYMOND WEIL’s attention to quality is constant.  The experienced watchmaker’s hands and eyes and his traditional tools, are highlighted by highly sophisticated technology.  Each watch is minutely examined and undergoes 350 checks before receiving the RAYMOND WEIL quality label.



5124-P-00985 WAS £1,095, SALE £730


5966-P-00300 WAS £795, SALE £530

Raymond Weil

It all started in 1976, in the middle of a watch industry crisis, when Mr Weil decided to found his own company and turn his vision of what Swiss watchmaking should be into actual timepieces that would bring a new dimension to the industry.  Mr Weil’s creations were immediately praised by watch enthusiasts – amateurs and connoisseurs alike.  Once strongly settled in Switzerland, and carried along by both his enthusiasm and his experience, the founder explored Europe and the whole world to gradually put together an international network.  RAYMOND WEIL is now a famous brand and one of the flagships of the Swiss watchmaking industry.