Calvin Klein watches

Calvin Klein watches

Calvin Klein Watches

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Ladies & Gents Calvin Klein watches (from £129)

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CK City

K2G21126 £179


K3M21421 £199

CK Minimal

K3M23124 £149

CK Classic

K4D2314Z £149

CK City

K2G2114N £179


K3M21626 £199

CK Minimal

K3M23126 £149


K4D231G6 £129

CK Minimal

K3M21124 £149

CK Minimal

K3M22124 £149


K4D211CX £129

CK Minimal

K3M21126 £149

CK Minimal

K3M22126 £149


K4D221G6 £129

Calvin Klein is one of the rare ambassadors of the Swiss watch industry in the fashion segment, producing watches since 1997.  Predominantly known for their success in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein has in fact been able to transcend the barrier into watchmaking and is one of the few fashion brands that can display Swiss Made on the dial and enjoy the same technical reputation and expertise as some of the more prestigious brands.  Thanks to their history in the fashion world, Calvin Klein is able to introduce effortless design and sophistication into all their pieces. 

The US designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group pooled their formidable talent in 1997 to create cK watch, a watch brand with graphic lines that are striking, refined and contemporary. A new and inimitable type of watch was born – the fashion accessory watch. Today, over 200 different Swiss-made models are designed for men as well as women.

The geometrical creations of 1997 have given way to lines that are more fluid, organic, sensual and integrated; a reflection of the current trend.