Calvin Klein jewellery

Calvin Klein jewellery

Calvin Klein


Ladies jewellery

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Ellipse ring

CALVIN KLEIN ellipse KJ03HR0107 £45

Sumptuous pendant

CALVIN KLEIN sumptuous KJ2GMP000100 £95

Calvin Klein Beyond earrings

CALVIN KLEIN beyond KJ3UME000100 £79

Coil ring

CALVIN KLEIN coil KJ63AR0101 £49

Tune necklace

CALVIN KLEIN tune KJ9MPN140100 £89

Calvin Klein Hook bangle

CALVIN KLEIN hook KJ06PD1401 £109

Sumptuous bangle

CALVIN KLEIN sumptuous KJ2GPD1001 £139

Snake ring

CALVIN KLEIN snake KJ5DJR1001 £55

Coil bangle

CALVIN KLEIN coil KJ63BB0101 £99

Calvin Klein Continue pendant

CALVIN KLEIN continue KJ0EMP000100 £65

Calvin Klein Intense ring

CALVIN KLEIN intense KJ2HMR0801 £55

Snake ring

CALVIN KLEIN snake KJ5DMR0002 £69

Coil pendant

CALVIN KLEIN coil KJ63BP010100 £129

Calvin Klein Crisp earrings

CALVIN KLEIN crisp KJ1RME000100 £75

Ellipse earrings

CALVIN KLEIN ellipse KJ3QJE100100 £89

Calvin Klein Coil earrings

CALVIN KLEIN coil KJ63AE010100 £75

Calvin Klein Groovy earrings

CALVIN KLEIN groovy KJ8QPE100100 £89

Men's jewellery

Calvin Klein Hook bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN hook KJ06CB0101 £79

Calvin Klein Bewilder bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN bewilder KJ2BCB0902 £75

Calvin Klein Bump ring

CALVIN KLEIN bump KJ4MBR2101 £65

Bewilder bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN bewilder KJ2BBB0901 £69

Bewilder bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN bewilder KJ2BLB0901 £75

Calvin Klein Confidence necklace

CALVIN KLEIN confidence KJ4QBN2001 £69

Bewilder bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN bewilder KJ2BBB0903 £75

Calvin Klein Constructed pendant

CALVIN KLEIN constructed KJ3PMP2901 £75

Calvin Klein Boost bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN boost KJ5RBB2101 £89

Bewilder bracelet

CALVIN KLEIN bewilder KJ2BCB0901 £75

Bump cufflinks

CALVIN KLEIN bump KJ4MBC210100 £69

Calvin Klein Hollow cufflinks

CALVIN KLEIN hollow KJ7RBC200100 £75

CALVIN KLEIN jewellery exemplifies modern, sophisticated style, while remaining true to pure, natural and often minimal aesthetic.  Striking designs and provocative advertising campaigns are always fresh, bold and cutting-edge, mixed with a sense of American ease and sexiness.

The US designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group pooled their formidable talent in 1997 to create cK watch, a watch brand with graphic lines that are striking, refined and contemporary.

The brand rose admirably to a new challenge in 2004, when the teams at the company’s headquarters in Bienne and New York launched a jewellery collection named ck Calvin Klein jewellery.  By taking everyday life and the world as their source of inspiration, they wholeheartedly embraced this accompaniment to watchmaking creations.  Success was immediate.

Today, the brand is forging ahead, characterized by its essential sexy image that translates refined lines and numerous metal surfaces into sensual curves.